Ladies and Gentlemen,

       Company "VKV-5" Ltd. - for its own account and with your invaluable assistance, launched a project to page ZIT (Computing Machinery Works) to modify and then.

       We ask everyone to help with pictures and posts from their personal archive.

       We searched the Internet and found very little results for the beginning of computing in Bulgaria and has been preserved as it is a big gap and we all, as direct participants in this process, we have to show it to Bulgaria and the world.

       Any help in writing or pictures will help us and will find a place on the sait.

       For starters domain was registered and collected materials.

       We will be happy if we receive pictures and text to your current activity, but of particular importance are past events.

       Let us together create a society of employees of the Computing Machinery works. We are many.

       Visit http://gallery.zit1.euYou can know yourself!!!

                                                                                                                 With Respect:

                                                                                                                      Team "VKV-5" Ltd.